Sydney – Port Macquarie, 4-8 OCTOBER 1972

Again the Rally returned to the Port Macquarie area, this time with a new Director – Dan White, who assisted Allan Lawson over the previous two years. The overseas drivers were out in force again and took three of the first four placings, with the outright placings not being decided until the last few sections of the last night. The Japanese contingency was in full force for the first time with both the Nissan and Mitsubishi team fielding teams of cars and being attended by mechanics flown out from Japan. Also, an indication of the professionalism that has developed in this Rally is reflected in the fact that almost every competing car was serviced by at least one support vehicle. The 1972 Rally proved to be the most competitive of the Crosses run to date with a very high percentage of competitive miles in the overall mileage. Aaltonen set the pace from the very first competitive section which he clean sheeted after travelling the last six miles with a flat tyre. The event also featured longer sections than that experienced in the past.

1st: Mitsubishi Corporation – Andrew Cowan/John Bryson, Galant
2nd: Nissan Motor Company – Rauno Aaltonen/Steve Halloran, Datsun 240Z
3rd: Mitsubishi Corporation – Doug Chivas/Peter Meyer, Galant
4th: Nissan Motor Company – Edgar Hermann/Mike Mitchell, Datsun 180B
5th: A. Jackson – Arthur Jackson/Peter Godden, Datsun 1600
6th: C. Lund – Charlie Lund/Nigel Collier, Mazda RX2
7th: P. Robertson – Peter Robertson/Tony Wunderlich, Escort TC
8th: E. Mulligan – Ed Mulligan/John Trumpmanis, Capella RE
9th: R. Jackson – Robert Jackson/Graham Roser, Torana XUI
10th: Heidelburg Datsun – Helmut Goetz/Peter McFalzean, Datsun 1600
Manufacturers: Mazda
Ladies: Nil